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Technology Development Department
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INCAS capability to develop mature technologies and to integrate them in new products for industrial customers is based on the activity of this department, the main driver with respect to the achievements of the mission and strategic objectives of the Institute. At the same time, this department is considered for further development, integrating all major technical assets of INCAS able to deliver added value services for potential customers.

This department is the main interface with the business world, where mature technologies, specialized services and IPR are delivered towards customers. There are three units active in this department:

Concept Development: - Unit dedicated to both mature designs and products (e.g. IAR-99) and new concepts developed for the benefit of the aerospace community. This unit takes technologies at low-to-medium TRL level, pre-concepts and/or mature ones from R&D programs and enables customer support and industry services for the benefit of INCAS. This unit has the mission to enable proper visibility of the value of the R&D activity performed by the Institute


Technology Transfer: - Unit dedicated to already implemented projects at the industrial customers. It is based on the assumed role of INCAS as system integrator and design authority for civil and military products in service at various customers. Also, major INCAS initiatives (e.g. spin-off and start-up initiatives) with respect to industrial policy and marketing are directly linked to the technical activity of this unit.

ATMOSLAB: - Unit under development, starting with a EU project funded under O2.2.1, where INCAS invested in the first flying lab under civil registration in Romania. This is a KingAir C90 GTx aircraft, fully equipped with advanced systems for atmospheric studies and Earth observation, supported by a ground based mobile unit. This is a major area for strategic development at INCAS, where new areas for applied research partnerships is foreseen, as well as a major interest for added value services.

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