Systems Department

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INCAS mission was strongly linked to major aeronautical programs, where flight dynamics and systems were key areas for new developments. Key capabilities have been constantly developed using both advanced theoretical models and experimental facilities. Major success is linked to successful integration and certification of IAR-93 and IAR-99 aircrafts, where handling qualities and systems performance proved the level of expertise of systems departments.

Systems dynamics department is developed on a two pylons structure :

Systems Dynamics : - Unit dedicated in the past to major flight dynamics developments, from both theoretical and experimental perspective. Currently this unit is expanding towards more complex activities related to major challenges for the integration of unmanned systems in the future air traffic system, complex scenarios for steep ascent/descent for green operations, new generation of collision avoidance systems and formation flying simulation scenarios.

Unit infrastructure includes advanced simulators for flight dynamics and virtual reality augmented simulation environments. Space dynamics, satellite formation flying as well as new launcher systems for low orbit are new areas for development of this unit.


Mecatronics : - Unit dedicated to the area of smart systems and critical components in the new generation of flying vehicles. This units integrates expertise from basic aerospace systems up to new generation of smart structures, health monitoring using on-board and on-ground systems, morphing structures and control systems.

Unit infrastructure includes state-of-the-art capabilities for advanced validation and certifications for basic systems, testing in harsh environments and advanced capabilities for large scale simulations for complex industrial products. Industrial developments for ground based demonstrators, testing for industrial certification of subsystems and virtual maintenance simulators have been initiated by this unit with major industrial partner in Europe.